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Announcing EnergyScore® Classifieds; Energy Industry Jobs & Equipment

EnergyScore Classifieds, Energy Auditing JobsWe are pleased to announce a Free service called EnergyScore® Classifieds to help facilitate the job-search process and promote the energy efficiency industry. Companies often ask us to recommend our recently trained energy auditing students who are certified as BPI Building Analysts, Envelope Professionals, Heating Professionals, Multifamily Building Analysts, Infiltration and Duct Leakage professionals. Further, businesses and individuals often contact us looking to buy or sell used Energy Auditing Equipment. As we have also identified a need amongst our student for information about employment opportunities, we have found that we are in a position to help. EnergyScore® Classifieds is now live and already has a few jobs posted and waiting to be filled. Click here and list your Help-Wanted, For-Hire or For-Sale ad for free today! Once you have listed your job, resume or tool for sale, please promote the link to your LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter accounts to help facilitate this process and ensure your needs are met as quickly as possible!

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